Commercial Carpet Repair-Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair

Commercial Carpet Repair

Personal homes aren’t the only places that have carpet repair needs. Businesses often have heavy foot traffic which equals more wear, tear, and opportunity for damaged carpet. Whether you manage a hotel, restaurant, office building, or any other kind of business, Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair has mended carpet in many commercial settings. All our expert technicians have the professionalism and experience needed to work in these locations. What are some common repairs we’ve accomplished in business buildings?

Hosting thousands of guests each week, hotel and restaurant maintenance and upkeep is a fulltime job. While we recognize that most businesses have very skilled maintenance managers, often these individuals don’t have the expertise it takes to perform long-term carpet repairs. Nip & Tuck has helped many hotels and restaurants fix carpet problems by stretching out entry and hallway wrinkles, fixing transitions, and patching stained or damaged carpet. Patchwork is often needed in hotels and can be done by using matching carpet from unseen areas such as under beds or desks.

Offices and other commercial buildings commonly have carpeted areas. Many of the carpets chosen for these settings are installed using glue. If a glue-down carpet has not been properly installed, it can form wrinkles over time. Glue-down wrinkles take skill and precision to repair, but our highly-trained technicians will gladly smooth out these areas.

If you are a business or maintenance manager perhaps you have more questions about what exactly our company can accomplish for your carpets. If you want to know if a specific kind of repair is possible don’t hesitate to call us at (303) 669-3921. In most cases our company will be able save your business the huge expense of purchasing and installing completely new carpet. We place a 1 year warranty on most commercial work.