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Phone: 303-669-3921

We strive to provide an approximate estimate before arriving to complete the work. Estimates can be given over the phone, via email, or on-site. Prices can vary depending on dimensions, layout, seams, or excessive furniture. Due to those variables we will give an exact estimate on site before beginning the work. This will ensure no confusion over price, and that we can provide a reputable service. If you would like a closer estimate before arriving on-site, please include these details over the phone or via email:

  1. Full Room Dimension (Length x Width)
  2. How many areas, hallways, stairs, pad needing replaced, etc.
  3. How much lineal feet of seam work. (2’ x 2’ patch would have 4 sides that are 2’ long which would come to 8 lineal feet of patch work)