Carpet Repair Pricing, Commercial Carpet Repair in The Denver Metro Area


There are many factors to account for when pricing carpet repair projects. Below, is a general idea for pricing on average sized areas. We realize that these are very broad pricing ranges and recommend contacting us directly for a more accurate estimate.

We strive to provide an approximate quote before arriving to complete work. Quotes can be given over the phone, via email, or on-site. Prices can fluctuate depending on room dimensions, layout, seams, and amount of furniture. Since there are many variables, we will give an exact estimate on site before beginning any work. This will eliminate any price confusion and help us provide a reputable service.
If you would like a closer estimate before we arrive at your home, please include these over the phone or through email:

  1. Full Room Dimensions (Length x Width)
  2. How many areas, hallway, stairs, does any padding need replaced, etc.
  3. How many lineal feet of seam work (2’x2’ patch would be 2+2+2+2= 8 lineal feet)