Is the Carpet Patch Visible

Is the Carpet Patch Visible

When your carpet needs to be patched due to pet damage, stains, etc. it may be a dilemma whether to patch it or not. How will the patch look? Will the patch stay over time especially with a carpet cleaning? Questions like these can make it difficult to decide whether to patch the carpet or just replace it.

How will the patch look?

There are many factors that weigh into the quality and look of a seam. The biggest factor is whether or not a piece of carpet from a closet or remnant piece will match. Due to sun fade and wear, the piece that is patched in may look newer then the original worn carpet. The best way to have an idea of what the results will be would be to take a remnant piece and set it next to the area that needs to be patched. Now of course, if you are willing to wait a few years for the patched portion of carpet to blend in with the original, this may not be as big of an issue.

As far as the seam work, the seam should be just slightly noticeable to invisible depending on the carpet. If you do see the seam because of the color difference, it could be likened to a tan line on your skin. Although there is no seam, there appears to be a line because of the color difference. In most cases, our seam work exceeds the customers expectations.

How much will a patch cost?

Pricing depends on how large the patch is. For a smaller patch you can plan on $40-60, whereas a larger patch can cost $100-200. If there are several patches, usually the cost per patch will decline.


Whether or not it is worth it to patch carpet or not depends on your circumstances and needs. How long you are willing to wait for a patch to blend in and what your expectations are will have a bearing on your decision. You can always play it safe and replace carpet, but repairing carpet is usually a much more cost-effective option.

By Nip Tuck 5-27-2016

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