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Why Carpet Wrinkles Need Fixing

Why Carpet Wrinkles Need Fixing

Uh-oh, carpet wrinkles!

Carpet wrinkles are a common problem for many people, but this is more than an unsightly nuisance. Allowing carpet to stay wrinkled over time can result in lasting damage to the carpet and is also a dangerous tripping hazard. Delamination (separation between the layers of carpet backing) can also occur because of unaddressed carpet wrinkles, ruining a once-beautiful carpet.

What causes carpet wrinkles?

At Nip Tuck Carpet Repair in Denver, we repair carpet but do not install it. Some carpet installers do not stretch the carpet tight enough to the wall. Over time the carpet relaxes so to speak, and this creates wrinkles. Sad to say in many cases not all carpet is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. What is the answer to this problem? Call Nip Tuck Carpet Repair, we do this every day.

Improper carpet installation can result in carpet that wrinkles after a very short time. If your carpet isn’t installed tightly enough, it can start to become wrinkled in high-traffic areas, or areas where furniture has been dragged across. When it was installed it looked great but after a little bit of usage wrinkles develop.

Preventing carpet wrinkles comes down to which tools are used to install it. The correct way to get a carpet stretched tightly to manufacturer’s specifications is to use a tool called a power stretcher. A power stretcher has long, sturdy steel rods that are able to stretch the carpet incredibly tight. However, using this tool is time consuming, so many times companies will use a knee kicker instead. Unfortunately, the knee kicker is not able to install the carpet tightly enough. Knee kickers have their uses but should not be the primary method of installing your carpet. This leaves you with a substandard installation that will probably require carpet repair to get rid of the newly developed wrinkles.

How can wrinkles be fixed?

If you are the unfortunate recipient of a bad carpet installation, don’t despair. Your carpet can be fixed by stretching and re-cutting your carpet properly, using a power stretcher. We here at Nip Tuck Carpet Repair have saved many carpets in the Denver area by taking the time to reinstall your carpet correctly. Our highest priority is a job well done, not saving money by cutting corners. This does mean though to retain that new carpet look you need to call us when you see the wrinkles develop and before wear patterns are established.

Often times our clients are shocked by how much excess carpet is removed once the carpet is stretched tightly. Don’t throw that extra carpet away because you never know when might need a carpet patch. This excess carpet will save you the hassle and money of matching your carpet to new carpet down the line. Not to mention, your carpet will look beautiful without any unsightly wrinkles. Proper installation means your carpet will wear correctly and look it’s best for years to come.

By Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair 10-18-2019