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Is it Worth it to Rent Carpet Repair Tools

Is it Worth it to Rent Carpet Repair Tools

Is your carpet damaged, whether from a spill, a pet, or a flood? Carpets don't last forever, but if yours is new or one you hope to keep for a few more years, you might be wondering whether you could fix it yourself instead of calling in a professional or buying a new one altogether. To decide, you will need to consider the cost of renting or buying repair tools and supplies as well as whether the repair will be difficult.

Renting a Carpet Repair Tool

To repair your carpet, you will need a power stretcher and the right tools. As is the case with anything, prices vary, but you should be able to find a power stretcher for around $30-$35/day and carpet repair tools for about $20/day. A professional may run you $100-$300 to do 2-4 rooms, so the first thing to ask yourself is whether you can complete the repair in a day or two.

DIY Carpet Repair

The price might not be a deterrent, but the skills required could be, particularly if you want a top- notch job. Having some do-it-yourself skills can help. You are going to face more challenges if you have a stiff carpet backing and a Berber carpet. You might be able to repair it yourself if you have latex carpet backing, raised trim and a plush carpet, but even so, there are certain challenges that only a professional can really tackle. If it's important to you that the seam be invisible or you just generally have high expectations for how things are going to look when the repair is done, you may be better off calling in the professionals, like us at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair!


Time is money, so do not discount what you will save there either if you have a professional do the work for you. On the other hand, your monetary savings could add up to as much as $150. You will need to balance those considerations against your expectations and your skill to decide which option is right for you. If your main criteria are having the job done as well as possible, calling Nip & Tuck carpet Repair is the best guarantee.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 9-17-2020