Carpet Repair
Aurora, CO

Aurora, CO

We provide repair services in Aurora, Colorado. No matter where your carpet repair needs are, in the Colfax corridor or in the newer Wheatlands area, Nip Tuck Carpet Repair has you covered. Our customers love us because we can repair your carpet for a fraction of what it would cost to replace.

Stretching A Loop Pile Carpet Hallway and Stairs

This job had two areas of concern. There was a flight of steps installed 5 years ago by another installer. The homeowner initially had the installer come back to fix the wrinkles but he was unable to completely resolve the problem. We pulled off one side of the stairs to stretch the width. When we finished, the wrinkles were nowhere to be seen.

At the top of the stairs a large hallway also that had wrinkles throughout the area. Often times in hallways there are no walls available to stretch the wrinkles towards. The wrinkles would end up pulling into other areas. To solve this issue, we recreated a seam in the master bedroom doorway. It was a patterned carpet so precision was necessary with our stretching and seam cuts. The carpet had an approximately ¾ inch repeat pattern. We cut a section of the pattern out and stretched the ¾ inch gap together. The seam turned out great and was hardly noticeable. We were able to put a 2-year guarantee on all of these repairs.

Our warranty states that for the duration of 2 years after completion of repair work or installation, Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair LLC guarantees their workmanship. Issues covered under this warranty include wrinkles that form after being restretched, fraying seams, and carpet that is unsecured onto tackstrip. Stipulations that would void this warranty would be excessive moisture (flooded for several days), pet damage, or carpet defect. This warranty does not cover whatsoever the quality of the carpet such as wear resilience, stainability, etc.

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