Carpet Repair
Highlands Ranch, CO

Highlands Ranch, CO

One of most common repairs needed is carpet stretching. Often times a faulty installation leads to wrinkles in several areas of carpet. This happens due to the carpet expanding and contracting when exposed to moisture and average foot traffic.

This was the case with one of our customers in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. There were wrinkles in the study room, dining room, family room and master bedroom. Upon arrival, the wrinkles were clearly visible. We were able to properly stretch each of these rooms in a matter of hours. At times a room will have holes in the carpeting around plug outlets as well as fireplace outlets. These holes will move slightly as we stretch the carpet, leaving exposed areas. In the case of this home we had to cut off excess carpet in the master bedroom to patch up the fire place holes. See the results of our repairs above!

Our technicians use a power stretcher, ensuring that your carpet is stretched adequately. Even with humidity and temperature changes, your carpet will not become loose enough to cause wrinkles. Pricing can vary on carpet repair work depending on factors such as yarn style (berber, frieze, plush, etc.), size of repair, available remnant pieces, etc. Therefore, we are not able to give exact pricing online, but we can give you an over-the-phone estimate, an in-home estimate, or estimate via email.

Often times customers will ask if furniture is an issue when stretching the carpet. This can depend on various factors such as concrete or wood subfloor, how heavy the furniture is, and the layout of the room. Usually, furniture is not something to be concerned about, so we do not charge extra for moving furniture.

If you live in the Highlands Ranch area and you have questions about carpet stretching, patching or other carpet problems, feel free to Contact us for a Free Quote over the phone.