Double spike stretcher vs power stretcher pipes

There are two types of power stretchers that can be used for proper carpet stretching. One is called a “double spiked power stretcher”. This tool grips onto the subfloor to tighten the carpet. The second stretcher is a “pipe power stretcher”. This tool includes pipes that extend the length of a room and push off of a wall or pillars to tighten the carpet. There are pros and cons for each of these items. In this post we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each stretcher.

Double Spike


  1. Furniture: With a “double spike stretcher” we do not need to extend pipes from wall to wall. This results in furniture being less of an issue. We can often work around the furniture to stretch with this tool.
  2. Speed: Without the need for moving furniture around, stretching with the double spike becomes much quicker.
  3. Stretches Adequately: Unlike the commonly used knee kicker, this machine properly stretches the carpet.
  4. No Walls: This tool grabs onto the subflooring underneath the carpet and uses this as leverage for the stretch. That means there is no need to worry about damaging a wall.


  1. Although it is rare there is a possibility that the “double spike stretcher” leave a mark in the carpet. If it does, we always make sure to repair those areas.
  2. Some installers have abused this tool in the past and this has caused voids on certain carpet warranties.
  3. We cannot use a double spike with cement subflooring.

Power Stretcher Pipes


  1. Still Does a Great Job Stretching: We always emphasize any type of stretcher over a knee kicker whenever possible.
  2. No Carpet Punctures: Since this power stretcher uses the walls as leverage there is no risk of leaving puncture holes in your carpet.


  1. Although rare, pipes have the possibility of pushing into unsupported walls or damaging trim. We cannot assume responsibility for damage to unsupported walls.
  2. All furniture needs to be removed from the room due to needing access to the walls.
  3. Setting up the pipes and moving around furniture is more time consuming then using the double spike stretcher.
  4. Since this power stretcher needs to push directly off of a wall it cannot be used on stairs, rooms with odd angles, or against railings.

When it comes to stretching our technicians will choose the best method to meet your needs. Our goal is to get the job done efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the stretch. We back our work with a 5 year guarantee. This can leave you assured that whichever power stretcher we use, your carpet will be stretched properly and you will not have to worry about wrinkles in your future.

By Nip Tuck 5-27-2016

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