Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching Denver | Seam Repair | Fix Your Pet DamageCarpet burns, stains, tears, pet damage, and poor seams are a few of the culprits behind this common repair need. Nip & Tuck’s repair technicians install long-lasting patches and seams with the goal of making them as unnoticeable as possible. How do we accomplish this? Our professionals are solely trained to use the best techniques and latest technology in carpet patching and seam repair. What technology do we use?

Many carpet repair companies have continued using the out-of-date hot iron. Our technicians use the modern Kool Glide system for patches and seams. While older hot irons can only function underneath the carpet, the superior Kool Glide iron is minimally invasive by allowing our technicians to heat the seam tape glue from the top of the carpet. This Kool Glide technology has proven to provide higher quality patches and seams in a more efficient amount of time.

Where do we get the carpet for patching? We want the repaired area to blend in with the installed carpet, therefore the best patches are achieved by using a remnant of leftover carpet from the installation. If that is not available, we can remove a matching piece of carpet from a less noticeable area such as a closet. It is also possible to stretch a room, collect the excess carpet, and use that to install a smaller patch.

To receive an over the phone quote for carpet patching or seams, please call our office at (303) 669-3921. The office team will need to know the dimensions of the patch or the amount of lineal feet that need seamed. For instance, if your damaged area is in the middle of a room and is 2x3 feet, the amount of lineal feet would be 10 (2+2+3+3). If that same sized area has a 3 foot edge against the wall, the amount of lineal feet that needs seamed would be 7 (2+2+3).

Carpet Patching Denver | Seam Repair | Fix Your Pet Damage