My Cat Keeps Urinating in the Same Spot

One of the most common issues that we run into as carpet repair technicians is pet damage. Sometimes the problem is a cat that keeps returning to urinate on the same spot of carpet time and time again. What the heck causes them to act this way? And what can be done to prevent it?


You love Mr. Biggles and would never want to have to give him up over something such as potty issues. We understand that. Of course always thoroughly clean and disinfect the area affected. If any odor is left behind this will be the biggest cause for his return. Try to identify whether your cat is spraying (marking it's territory) or full on urinating in this favorite location of his. If you find that the cat is simply spraying (a little sprinkle) try to make it feel more secure in it'sterritory. In a multi-cat household the cat may feel the need to be possessive over these areas. It may help to provide separate living quarters for the felines.


Ask yourself if you have recently switched to a different litter, or changed the location of the litter box. These factors could contribute to your cat no longer wanting to use the litter box. If more than one cat is living together adding a litter box may help to prevent this issue. If he is an only child, perhaps trying out a new litter box will do the trick. Always make sure you regularly clean the box and change the litter as cats are clean animals by nature. If these attempts fail to work, you may want to try placing the litter box on top of the area he keeps returning to. After he gets in the habit of going in his litter box again, gradually over the next few days start moving it back to the location you would like the litter box to be.


If these pointers don't resolve things make an appointment to visit your veterinarian. You will want to make sure your cat doesn't have any medical conditions that would contribute his potty issues. The vet will be able to test for any urinary tract infections or kidney problems.

We understand that you don't want to have us come patch an area of carpet and pad just to have your cat piddle on it again after we leave. Try to figure out what can be done to prevent this before we come out. Just because kitty has stopped urinating in that spot doesn't mean you don't need to have the area patched. Frequent urination in one location will soak into the pad and can cause lasting odors, damage, and health problems.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 5-27-2016