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Will Going Barefoot Damage My Carpet?

Will Going Barefoot Damage My Carpet?

You enter a friend’s house and what is the first thing you do? It might be that you take off your shoes. This is good because wearing shoes on carpet tracks in mud, dirt, and dust. Even if it isn’t noticeable to the eye, this regular foot traffic tracks junk in. And the hard soles also wear down the fibers and cause damage.

But what about going barefoot, that must be better right? Actually, bare feet can cause even more damage to your carpet. The moisture and oils from human skin leave a residue on your carpet which attracts and holds any dust or dirt. Rather than just vacuuming dirt up it becomes a stain that can be very difficult to remove.

The best way to keep your carpet clean is to wear socks or house slippers. Socks are great because they keep the sweat from your skin off the carpet, they don’t have a hard sole that will break down your carpet, and they won’t track dirt in because they are kept clean inside your shoes while you are out and about. Another option is house slippers, but make sure they are never worn outside and opt for a rubber or soft sole if you can.

This simple habit of removing your shoes and wearing socks or house slippers instead can keep your carpet looking fresh and new.

Other Things to Consider

Prevention is best, but no matter how much we try, dust, dander, and dirt happen. Because of this, regular vacuuming is vital to increasing the life of your carpets. You will also want to consider shampooing your carpets yearly or as spills occur.

Professional Services

If you think your carpet is too far gone and needs to be replaced, look at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair’s Before & After gallery. You may be surprised how much carpet stretching or a carpet patch can do to bring your carpet back to life. If you have any questions, contact the experts at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 5-11-2021