Is It Worth It to Rent Carpet Repair Tools?

In the Denver Metro Area there are many issues that you may have with your carpet. Do you have wrinkles in your carpet, a pet who chewed on or tore a hole in an area, or possibly some flood damage? To repair any of these yourself, you may need to take a trip to the store to either rent or buy some tools and supplies. But is this worth it?

Cost of Carpet Repair Tool Rental (Denver Metro Area)

Pricing on carpet repair tools can vary depending on where you go. If you shop around you can find a power stretcher for approximately $30-35/ day. For a toolbox with the carpet repair tools that you will need, it will run approximately $20/day. This total would run around $50/day. If you can fix your carpets in a day this may be a very viable option. For a smaller project (2-4 rooms stretched) it would cost $100-300 to hire a professional, so the savings to do it yourself may be worth it.

Is Carpet Repair Difficult?

The answer to this is really dependent on your construction background and factors that can make the job complex. If you have the ideal circumstances such as raised trim, typical latex carpet backing (not stiff), and a plush (not berber) carpet, then you may very well be able to manage the project. With that being said, you could run into issues that put this kind of project over your head. When it comes to seam work, it really depends on your expectations. Realistically if you want a seam that is nearly invisible, leave it to the professionals. QSeams really take a good skill set to accomplish. So in the end some carpet repair projects may be simple, but others not so much.


If you would like to accomplish that project yourself and save money, renting tools may be an option. It really depends on your skill set, difficulty of carpet repair project, your expectations, and your time. You can save $50-150 on a small project, so it may be worth it. Of course, if you want the best possible results, it’s advisable to call a professional in the Denver Metro Area.

By Nip Tuck 5-27-2016

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