How to Identify Poor Carpet Installation

How to Identify Poor Carpet Installation

Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair is often called in to repair carpet that is suffering as a result of improper installation. So, we know the signs of a job that’s not well done, and we want to help you know them too.

They Use the Wrong Equipment

The first thing you want to take notice of is the kind of equipment that your installers are using. The most effective modern tool for installing carpet is a power stretcher. You can identify this tool because it looks like a large jack. The alternative method uses knee-kickers. Knee-kickers look like knee pads and rely on the strength of the installer, whereas a power stretcher uses the strength behind the machine. It’s not surprising that a power stretcher creates a superior installation since it can pull it as taut as possible. When searching for a carpet installer, asking what kind of equipment they use should be a top priority.

They Do a Poor Job Installing Padding

One sign that points to a bad installation is a bumpy, uneven surface. You can test if the bumpiness stems from your carpet by going into the middle of the room and trying to lift the pile up. If you can lift it more than an inch, the carpet itself was not installed properly. If the carpet doesn’t lift that much, the culprit is likely the padding underneath. It would make sense that if your padding is not installed evenly, it will affect the end product. A skilled technician will know how to install padding correctly.

Other Signs

Other signs you can look for when inspecting your carpet are frayed edges where the carpet butts up against the wall, misaligned seams, and ripples, and bumps.

Sadly, not all carpet installers are created equally. Next time you are looking for a company, be sure to ask them the kind of equipment they use, what their certifications are, and read their reviews. If you are suffering from a poor installation already, give us at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair a call. We can stretch and even patch your carpet at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 8-4-2021