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Winter Carpet Care

Winter Carpet Care

In your home, no doubt you have carpet in one place or another. Carpet helpsthe home to feel nice and homey however there is also a lot of maintenance that need to be done in order to keep our carpet looking and feeling beautiful. The cold weather brings us the wonderful seasons of fall and winter. Seasons such as these seems to be wet and brought into the home with mud, leaves, and other unwanted items. Your carpet can tend to see the wear and tear of the wet and snow that the kids and pets bring in. There are a few carpet maintenance items that are in order to keep your carpet looking beautiful not just through the winter but throughout the years. Keeping up with your carpet will provide the best looking carpet in the long run in any home.

Prevent What You Can

Prevention is the best solution to any probable problem. If you can eliminate the problem from happening in the first place, wouldn’t you? I think most of us would. About 80 percent of what you don’t want in your carpet is track in form outside. That says a lot! So what can you do? Taking the time and expense to get rugs for both inside and outside the home is a good idea. This will help if you have to walk through your home with your shoes on. The best and most efficient way to eliminate this problem though is to keep it at the door with the shoes. Creating or buying a shoe rack or storage place to put your shoes when you come in is the best way to stop the dirt and grim from outside coming into your home and on your carpets.

Clean Throughout the Months

Even though you’ve got the shoes stopped at the door doesn’t mean that your carpets won’t need to get cleaned. Fall and winter brings the family together in the home to play games and watch movies together more than they would in the warmer months. This means that your carpet is getting more use then it normally would otherwise. So there are going to be spill, crumbs and the like as the time goes by. Remember that night that you made cookies for the kids because it just seemed like a cookie and hot chocolate kid of night? Well all of those crumbs are now sitting in the fibers of your carpet. Crumbs, hair, and sticky spills attract and hold more dirt in your carpet. Cleaning your carpets before winter comes helps to prevent the hold fibers have on dirt making stop cleaning a easy thing to do during the months that you’re on your carpet the most. Spot cleaning and frequent vacuuming during the winter is ideal.

Clean So You Don’t Have to Clean

Huh? What does that even mean? Most of the time we have to trudge through the snow and then after doing so we stop right onto our porch that has dirt, leaves and other debris from the wind that then attaches to our boot. We then give them a nice rid into our warm home. To prevent having to clean your carpets from these little guys its best to take a broom to the porch and garage so that there is no way you’ll give them a free ride on your shoes.

Fall is a wonderful season full of beauty and color. Winter paints our life in a perfect and tranquil white that lets us know when the bunnies have crossed our yard. These beautiful months also tend to show us there ugly side on our carpet. To prevent these months from showing their ugly side on your home call the carpet professionals today! Nip Tuck Carpet Repair are able to take care of any stains that shows its face on your carpet as well as take out any wrinkles, and unwanted soil from your lovely fury creatures. We give free home estimates so call us today!

By Nip Tuck 10-10-2017