When Can You Refresh Carpet and When Should You Replace It

When Can You Refresh Carpet and When Should You Replace It

If you have lived in your home for several years, you will at some point notice an inevitable degradation in the quality of your carpet. The difference may be easily seen in stark contrast if you move a piece of stationary furniture after many years and compare the carpet underneath to the rest of it. All things degrade over time. Such is the nature of the universe’s entropy. Your first inclination may be to simply tear out the carpet and replace it. Indeed, that is sometimes the best option, but is rarely the most affordable one. Depending on its condition, the carpet may still have some life in it yet. It may just need to be refreshed a bit.

Dirt and stains may only be the beginning of a carpet’s problems. You may notice bulges or wrinkles, or perhaps areas that have receded from the wall. If you have pets or kids, it may also have more than its fair share of cuts and bald spots. Even so, this does not necessarily mean that the entire carpet is a lost cause. Our hope for this article is that we can help you recognize your options and make an informed decision on how best to restore your flooring to a state you’re happy with.

If you plan on restoring your current carpet, the first step is usually to have it professionally cleaned. There are many machines on the market that can be rented on a consumer level, but most of these simply do not have the ability to clean as thoroughly or deeply as a full suite of professional equipment. There are many local and nationwide companies that specialize in residential carpet cleaning. In our experience, the smaller local companies tend to do a better job, even if their prices are slightly higher. This is because they rely on getting good reviews to sustain their business. Just be sure to research the local companies in your area and pick one with a good reputation. Once the carpet is all sparkly clean, you can give us a call for the next steps.

Nip Tuck specializes in repairing a wide range of carpet damage and other issues. Our experience and skills allow us to tackle basically any type of damage. Carpet repairs and patching are some of our main specialties, alongside stretching and de-wrinkling. We can even take care of stubborn stains that are unable to be removed via cleaning by cutting and patching the problem areas.

Granted, there are many instances where full carpet replacement may be the best option, such as cases of severe water or fire damage. But you may be surprised with how much your carpet can spring back to life with a bit of TLC.

Carpet has many advantages, especially for multi-story homes. Carpet can provide insulation for both heat and sound. Carpeted floors are proven to lose less heat than wood or tile flooring, and the sound barrier they create can lessen the noise of people moving around on the floor above.

There are many good reasons to have carpet in your home and keeping them clean and appealing can help you stay satisfied with your home. If you are wondering whether your carpet can be refreshed, contact Nip Tuck today for a free quote and we can help you get the process started. We just might be able to get your old carpet looking just as pretty as the day you installed it.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 10-8-2021