Keep Your Carpet Free of Mold

Keep Your Carpet Free of Mold

Carpeting can add a lot to your home. It can add comfort and warmth. But it can be hard to enjoy those benefits if your carpet has developed a musty smell. This musty smell is usually the result of mold. Mold is obviously something that no one wants marring their beautiful carpets, so how can you get rid of it or even stop it from developing in the first place?


Mold develops when moisture is allowed to stagnate in a warm environment. Making sure that a carpeted room receives enough airflow is one way that you can fight off the development of mold. Open windows when it is nice out and run fans occasionally when it is not.


As was mentioned, mold needs a warm environment to thrive. This can make mold an especially tough enemy during the Winter months when you may regularly run your heating system and may even employ space heaters. But by not keeping your home overly warm, you can combat this dreaded foe.


And of course, one of the biggest contributors to mold growth is the presence of humidity or moisture. Humidity that is in the air can settle into your carpets and produce the perfect breeding ground for mold. That is why carpet near kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are more susceptible to mold growth. If your carpeted rooms tend to run humid, enlisting the help of a dehumidifier can work to control it.

Your carpeting material is also a contributing factor to mold growth. Some carpets are more prone to moisture retention than others. But that is not something everyone can control since most people bought their homes already carpeted or they live in rental properties. But it is something to bear in mind if you ever do need to completely replace your carpet.

If you take care to control all the factors we discussed here today, you will definitely be able to keep mold at bay. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause more problems than just mold growth, however. If your carpet is experiencing ripples and wrinkles, those factors could be why. But ripples and buckles are not things that you just have to learn to deal with. Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair can properly stretch and repair your carpet. Give us a call if you need carpet repair!

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 12-1-2021