The Process of Carpet Stretching

The Process of Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is a common solution that many home buyers go with when it comes to getting wrinkles in your carpet. If you’re wondering how that happens then don’t worry, we will go over that as well. If you keep randomly tripping over your carpet out of nowhere then it’s time to get your carpet stretched back to its original beauty. Nip Tuck Carpet Repair wants to help you by explaining the process as well as why it happens.

The Process

This can be a bit complicated, but it really isn’t, there are a couple of different machines that we use to stretch your carpet. The one that we most commonly use is the power stretcher pipes. This type of stretching machine uses the walls on opposite ends of each other with pipes going the length of the room and pushing off on the wall to tighten the carpet. This means that there needs to be a pathway from one end of the wall to the other. We stretch your carpet both directions making sure that there are no wrinkles left and that they won’t come back.

What can you do to get your home ready to have you carpet stretched? The first way that you can get the room you’re wanting to get stretched ready is by removing at least 50% of the furniture in the room. There needs to be a clear space for the pipes to reach from one end of the room to the other. You’ll need to do this for both directions. In addition to making sure that there is a clear path between walls you’ll want to make sure that you remove any valuables that might be on any tables and in any display cabinets.

The Why

The question is why does it happen in the first place? You have had beautiful carpet for years and then all of a sudden it seems you’re tripping in your home out of nowhere. There are a couple of reasons why this happens all of switch you can’t help. One of the reasons why wrinkles happen is that it was not properly installed. When it isn’t stretched properly during installation it can begin to loosen causing the carpet to buckle.

However, there is also another factor that may cause this to happen and that would be humidity. When you live in a climate that is highly humid this will cause your carpet to swell making it buckle. This can be unfortunate if it happens. In some cases when the humidity returns to normal so does the carpet and you don’t have to do anything to get the wrinkles out. However, there are other reasons that can cause ripples which as well might include incorrect padding and dragging heavy items across the carpet.

Wrinkles, ripples, and buckles in your carpet is not anything that you want your home to have in it especially if you have little kids that can easily trip and hurt themselves or older ones that can easily break a hip. Therefore, call the professionals today! We warranty our work and make sure that those wrinkles never come back again. Call us today for a free home estimate!

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 5-30-2018