Remove Dents on Your Carpet

Remove Dents on Your Carpet

When people move into their home many times they set their furniture in place and then it doesn’t get moved until people move out and into their next home. However, this often leaves dents in rugs and carpets. Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair understands the frustration that can bring, especially if you’re just wanting to rearrange the furniture around the house. The carpet experts are here to help you with all your carpet problems. We will discuss three main ways you can use to get those dents out of your carpet.

  1. Ice Cubes

This is probably the easiest way to get rid of dents in your carpet. Leave a couple of ice cubes on the dented spot and then let it sit for at least 4 hours and for bigger dents up to 12 hours. The water then allows the carpet fibers to swell and bring it back to its original height. Then after you have let it sit for the desired period of time blot it with a towel or sponge. After you have gotten the water excess up then make sure to take a coin or the like to raise the suppressed fibers.

  1. Blow Dry It

If ice cubes aren’t working then try to blow dry it. Meaning take a spray bottle and douse the area with water. Then take a blow dryer to add volume to the carpet fibers. As you do so make sure to fluff up the fibers like you do your hair. Running your hands through it like you do your hair should do the trick.

  1. Iron it Out

The last option is to iron it out. In doing this you must be careful. When carrying out this operation you will want to place a damp towel over the dent and then carefully iron it on medium heat. When doing so take extra care to not let the iron touch the carpet. This will burn it and leave you with bigger problems than you started with. Once you have done this you’ll be all good to run the vacuum over it to make it look pretty and like the rest of your carpet.

Dents don’t have to stay there just like you don’t want your furniture to stay there. Taking a moment to get those dents out of the carpet will leave it look beautiful again. Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair cares about your carpet. Making sure that your carpet is in tip top shape is our job. For more serious carpet repair jobs, call the professionals today! We are able to repair torn and ripped carpet. In addition to this we can repair balding spots, urine spots, and permanent stains.

By Nip Tuck 9-19-2017