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Does DIY Carpet Repair Work

Does DIY Carpet Repair Work

If your carpet has suffered a burn or has something like candle wax embedded into it, you have likely googled ways to remove it. The problem is that some of these DIY solutions may end up doing more harm than good. Here is how.

Trim the Carpet

One DIY solution you may have come across is to trim damaged carpet and glue replacement fibers in its place. The problem with this is that the results just will not be long lasting. The glued pieces are more likely to break away from the rest of the carpet with repeated vacuuming and with regular traffic. If you decide to just trim the damaged carpet at the tips and not the base, the trouble is that then you are left with a bald spot. And then it can be difficult or impossible to blend the carpet well, thus the end result is not likely to look as seamless as you want it to.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Some may be drawn to hydrogen peroxide or bleach as a solution because they figure that a burn mark has only discolored the carpet. Meaning that they can use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to lighten the carpet back to normal. If something has scorched your carpet, however, it has done more than stain it. If your carpet is burned, it means that the fibers have also been melted or destroyed. So, mending that piece of carpet will require more than trying to lift the scorch mark.

Scouring Pad

Knowing what kind of carpet you have is an important first step in knowing how to care for it. This is important to know because your first inclination when battling burns, stains, gum, or wax is to scrub at it. But if you have berber, loop pile, or wool carpet and you take a scouring pad to it, not only will it not remove the issue, it will leave you with frayed tufts of carpet. Leaving your carpet in worse condition than before.

Of course, it is important to do what you can to care for your carpet, but most of the time DIY repairs will leave you with subpar results. If you have damaged carpet and want to save money when repairing it, give Niptuck Carpet Repair a call. We can provide you with satisfying professional results at just a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 11-3-2021