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Where Does the Carpet From a Patch Come From

Where Does the Carpet From a Patch Come From

Some of the most common causes of carpet damage are burns, rips, stains, and pet damage. Rather than replacing an entire room, the answer to such problems is a patch or seam that will last and blend in perfectly.

Patches are one of the most common repairs that we do. When you call our office needing a patch the receptionist will ask a series of questions to determine the size of the patch, where it is located, and if pad is needed. One of the most important questions we will ask is if you have extra remnants of the matching carpet from when it was installed.

Why is it best to have a matching remnant?

The best case scenario is to have the patch piece come from the same roll of carpet the rest of the room was installed with. Color, pattern, and feel of the carpet are just a few reasons the patch will look best when taken from the same roll. There are many factors that play into how unnoticeable a patch will be when the work is complete, but if you have matching remnants available this will ensure the best possible results.

What if I don’t have extra matching carpet?

There is no need to panic yet. For instance, is there a matching closet that we could possibly take from? Many people have closets or pantries that have the same carpet. It is common for us to take from an inconspicuous area such as the back corner of a closet and use it to patch the area. What if the patch is so large the entire closet needs to be removed? Some of our customers prefer to provide a piece of carpet for us to install back into the closet. Others have had us remove the pad, add a metal transition strip in the doorway, and had us paint the subfloor white. Depending on the kind of surface underneath the pad, this can look very nice when completed.

What if I don’t have a closet you can take from?

If the damage is small, no larger than a few inches in width, there is another option available. The technician can power stretch a room that has matching carpet and cut off excess carpet to patch the area. This isn’t always the cheapest option, since there would be a charge for the stretch as well as the patch, but it is just as effective for small carpet patches.

Worst case scenario…

If none of these options are possible certain customers have resorted to providing us with a piece of carpet similar to the installed carpet. It is nearly impossible to find the same carpet with the same exact color unless it’s been taken from the same roll. That being said, some of our customers would rather have something put down than stare at the damage. Some have made a trip to Home Depot or Carpet Exchange to try to find a piece close enough to make them happy. We are not able to provide extra remnants or carpet matching services but we will patch in any carpet you provide. This is definitely at the discretion of the customer as we cannot guarantee the carpet will blend in well.

Give us a call today to find out what we can do to patch that rip, pet damage, or stain!

By Andrew Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 3-9-2021