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How to Keep Carpets Clean During the Winter

How to Keep Carpets Clean During the Winter

Our Nip tuck Carpet Repair team operates out of the state of Colorado. If you are in our service area, you know that snow is a common occurrence during the cold Winter months here. Snow, ice, and ice melt can all introduce unique challenges in your efforts to keep your carpets clean. Here are some tips you can use this season to prevent dingy, damaged carpets as a result of slushy snow.

Keep Walkways Clear

When it comes to keeping carpets fresh and clean during the snowy months, prevention is going to be your key to success. One thing you can do to prevent snow and dirt from being tracked into your home is to keep the walkway in front of your house cleared. Shovel away fresh snow, use a push broom to clear dirt and debris from the walkway, and keep rock salt nearby so that you can easily put down a layer of ice melt when you need it.

Lay Down a Few Mats

Another line of defense can come in the form of doorway mats. Make sure you have a mat outside your home entrances, as well as directly inside. Have everyone in the house make it a habit to stomp the snow and dirt off their shoes before they enter the home and again before they put their shoes away.

In a similar vein, make sure that the family dog doesn't bring in mud and snow either! On particularly wet and snowy days, keep a dry, clean towel by the door. That way, you can thoroughly wipe their paws before they reenter the house.

Institute a No Shoes Inside Rule

And one of the biggest ways to keep your carpets spotlessly clean is to just not wear shoes in the house. Place a shoe rack near your main entrances so that you avoid the dreaded shoe pile. If your family members are big fans of wearing shoes inside the house, maybe buy everyone a new pair designated solely for inside use.

If at the end of the snowy season, your carpets look worse for wear despite your best efforts, a professional carpet cleaning should get them right back to good condition. If, however, there are spots that just won’t come up even after a professional cleaning, we can help. We can patch permanently soiled portions of carpet with ease!

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 12-5-2022