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The History of Carpet

The History of Carpet

Carpet is a classic flooring option. For decades, comfy, plush carpet has been a constant in most family homes. But carpet has been on the scene for much longer than a few decades. It has a rich history in culture, comfort, and craft.

In fact, the oldest known carpet was unearthed from a prince’s tomb of which dates back to the 5th century B.C. It was preserved through an astounding 25 centuries due in part to that fact that grave robbers left the tomb open. Because this tomb was found in the Pazyryk Valley of Siberia, the rug was preserved by being frozen in ice after being exposed to the harsh elements. Although that carpet was discovered in Siberia, carpets are speculated to have gotten their start in the Middle East. They were originally made of sheep or goat wool, sold as rugs, and designed to make sitting on the hard ground more comfortable. Comfort still plays a major role in carpet maintaining its appeal to this day.

Carpet first came to America by means of a Mr. William P. Sprague in 1791. In Philadelphia, Sprague began running the first carpet mill. After being charged with the task of carpeting President Washinton’s residence, more and more mills began cropping up in the early 1800’s.

Another notable member of carpet history is Erastus Bigelow. In 1839 he invented the power loom which transformed the carpet world by speeding up carpet production. We can thank him for many more inventions in his lifetime, including the first broadloom carpet.

Carpets have been a part of world history for a very long time. And they do not seem to be going anywhere soon. Thanks to ever advancing technology, stain resistance, durability, and comfort continue to be at the forefront of carpet manufacturing. That is why, even with the broad range of flooring options available to us today, carpet remains one of the top choices.

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