Pet Damage, Before & Afters, Carpet Repair & Stretching Photos

Before & After

The before and after pictures above show a number of scenarios that we commonly come across while completing carpet repair in the Denver Metro Area. Most of the carpet repairs in this area consist of carpet stretching and carpet patching.

Carpet Patches: One of the biggest questions in regards to patch work is what the end results will look like. This can depend largely on factors such as how worn, faded, or old the carpet is. The yarn style and weave can also affect the end result. If a newer piece of carpet is seamed into a high traffic area it may be visible immediately following the repair. With time, cleanings, and foot traffic the patch will blend in. The good news is, skilled patch work will typically fall somewhere in-between invisible and slightly visible.

Carpet Stretching: The fear that wrinkles will keep coming back stops many from seeking out repair work. In most cases, wrinkles should never come back once the carpet is properly stretched. There are exceptions when it comes to extreme circumstances such as flooding or foundation movement. Because we use a power stretcher to repair the carpet, we offer a 5 Year Guarantee in writing. There are instances when after a wrinkle is stretched out, there may still appear to be a line or crease mark in the carpet. This is caused when yarns have been stuck in the position of the wrinkle for a long period of time. Normally with time, wear, and cleanings this crease-like mark becomes less noticeable or invisible.

We can provide you with the same results you see in these repair work photos. Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive a free quote or if you have any questions. There is more information about our carpet repair quotes on our “Contact Us” page. We look forward to serving your carpet repair needs soon!