Carpet Repair
Centennial, CO

Centennial, CO

Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair is here for you Centennial. Do you have food stains on your carpet because you are a clumsy person, or maybe your children were trying to sneak food into the “TV room”? Have no fear, Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair knows how to get those food stains out of the carpet and make your carpet look close to brand new. We use carpet patching to take the old carpet out and put matching new carpet in. When sealed correctly you can hardly tell anything happened.

Instead of using the out-of-date hot iron that some use, we use the most modern Kool Glide system. This allows us to heat the seam tape glue from on top of the carpet as opposed to dealing with a hot iron underneath the carpet. The Kool Glide technology works by sending “radio frequency energy” directly down to the seam tape. In short, this allows us to provide the best possible patch and seam repair work to our customers. Our high quality patches will live up to our 5 Year Guarantee. Contact us today for a free quote!

Carpet transitions are one of our services, when carpet meets up to other surfaces such as tile, linoleum, wood floors, or concrete there is a need for some kind of transition work. There are many different ways to have a clean looking transition from one surface to another.

There are two factors that play into having a high quality transition that won’t wear the carpet out excessively. First, the carpet ideally should be level to or lower than the flooring it butts up to. If the carpet is higher than the flooring it butts up to, then as ones walk over the transition they will tend to wear out the edge of the carpet on the edge of the transition. If it is a low traffic area or the carpet has a high quality backing you may not have any issues. Second, the carpet needs to be cut to the right length installing the transition. If the carpet is cut short, then the edge will fray in a relatively short period of time. The carpet needs to be cut just a hair long to a 1/8″ long to be fasted securely in the transition metal, or in between the tack strip and the flooring.

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