Carpet Repair
Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village, CO

If you need a carpet transition, Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair is extremely qualified. We can do any transition from carpet to anything else. There are two factors that play into a high quality transition that will not wear the carpet out excessively. First, the carpet ideally should be level or lower than the flooring it butts up to and, two, the carpet needs to be cut just a little long at 1/8” to be fasted securely to the transition metal. When we arrive to Greenwood Village we will weigh various factors to give you the best quality and best looking transition.

Whatever transition needs you have we have to solution for you. No matter what the transition from carpet is we will to find the best solution for your home. We come across many different transition situations. When we arrive on site, we will weigh various factors in determining what kind of transition to use. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Here are a few transitions we do and what should be done with each one:

Carpet to Tile Transition:Typically tile transitions should be a simple project. As long as the tile is higher than the subfloor butting up to it, installing tack strip up to the tile should suffice.

Carpet to Linoleum Transition:When carpet is simply tucked in between the tack strip and flooring such as tile there need to be at least a 1/8″ thick of flooring to tuck to. Since linoleum is thin, tucking up to it is not an option. The best option is to install a metal transition, but you could also turn and tack the carpet if it is on wood subfloor.

Carpet to Wood Floors:As long as the wood floor is higher than the subfloor the carpet laying on, tucking in the carpet in between the tack strip and wood floor should suffice. Sometimes ones like to have a wood transition installed anyways because of the look and feel of it.

Carpet to Concrete Transition:On concrete we would install a metal transition piece that would nail or screw to the concrete. The carpet tucks into the metal transition, and then a rubber mallet is used to bend the metal over the carpet.