Carpet Repair
Englewood, CO

Englewood, CO

Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair does carpet transitions. Whether it is carpet to tile, carpet to linoleum, carpet to wood floors, or carpet to concrete transition, our technicians can make your floor transition look beautiful!

There are two factors that play into having a high quality transition that won’t wear the carpet out excessively. First, the carpet ideally should be level to or lower than the flooring it butts up to. Second, the carpet needs to be cut to the right length installing the transition. In the end, we come across many different transition situations. When we arrive on site we will weigh all various factors to use the best transition for you and the highest quality to have your transition last as long as possible.

The above picture is a patched out bleach stain by a washing machine. Is your washing machine on carpet and causing your carpet havoc? Or another carpet issue that needs fixed? Give us call for a free estimate today. Estimates can be given over the phone , via email, or on-site . Prices can vary depending on dimensions, layout, seams, or excessive furniture. Due to those variables we will give an exact estimate on site before beginning the work.

Since carpet repair pricing can vary greatly, below is a general idea for pricing on average sized areas. We realize that these arevery broad pricing rangesand recommend contacting us directly for a more accurate estimate:

  • Stretch Area:$40-80/ Room
  • Carpet Patch:40-$120/ Patch
  • Stretch Hallway:$30-50/ hallway
  • Carpet Seam:$40-120

If you would like acloser estimate before arriving on-site, please include these details over the phone orvia email:

  1. Full Room Dimension(Length x Width)
  2. How many areas, hallways, stairs, pad needing replaced, etc.
  3. How much lineal feet of seam work.(2’ x 2’ patch would have 4 sides that are 2’ long which would come to 8 lineal feet of patch work)