A Guide To Choosing Carpet Padding

A Guide To Choosing Carpet Padding

Choosing the right color and fabric combination for new carpeting is fun and exciting. Many carpet purchasers think long and hard about the type of carpet they want, but not very much about the type of padding they would like under the carpet. Although picking out the correct carpet padding may not be as exciting as picking out the carpet, this decision will have a great impact on the final product spanning the floor. The desired level of comfort has as much to do with the padding, as it does with the carpet choice.

Is Carpet Padding Needed?

In order to make each step on new carpeting as comfortable as possible, carpet padding is an absolute necessity. Carpet padding helps to absorb the impact from your foot to the floor, making it more comfortable to walk on. The padding also will help with room acoustics, absorbing sounds being created within the room. When there are several floors in a building the padding will help cut down hearing neighbors walking across the floor and even other sounds, such as a stereo system or tv. Insulation is one of the biggest benefits of carpet padding. The padding helps retain desired temperatures in the home, by keeping air from escaping. While carpet padding does all of the mentioned, it even can lower energy bills for a household, so in other words, carpet padding is needed in all cases.

How Thick?

There are different carpet padding needs, so it comes in many different thicknesses. However, the general rule is to not have it be more than one-half-inch thick. Higher traffic areas, such as hallways or commercial building floors can use thinner versions of carpet padding. However, for bedrooms or living rooms that generally need a higher level of comfort, thicker carpet padding is recommended. When a carpet is laid down without any carpet padding present, the life of the carpet can be dramatically shortened. What Kinds of Carpet Padding Are Available? There are a great number of carpet padding options available, and they all have perks and downsides, so take the time to truly get to know the differences between the options. Bonded Foam Carpet Padding is the most often used padding for carpets. Prime Foam Carpet Padding is a relatively inexpensive and comfortable option. For a very long-lasting carpet padding, Frothed Foam Carpet Padding can be used. Memory Foam Carpet Padding is a great option for bedrooms and living rooms, but not for high-traffic areas. Fiber Carpet Padding is used in many commercial settings. With so many choices, there is an option for any carpet installation.

If you still have questions about carpet padding or just simply need it installed, give Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair a call. We would love to help you.

By Nip Tuck Carpet Repair 9-3-2021